Full employment, not inequality, should be the top economic priority

Full employment, not inequality, should be the top economic priority


Joblessness, income equality, wealth inequality, social immobility: NONE of these is what pseudo-liberal economist Paul Krugman called: ““the defining challenge of our time”.

That’s because NONE of them is the disease that is really destroying our country. They are all of them only symptoms of that disease.

And that disease is one that status quo economists like Krugman will never dare identify. That disease is unfettered, (so-called) free market, (so-called) private enterprise capitalism and its absolute control over our political process.

We know damn well, that there is no “free market”. Those with connections to wealth can buy their way out of competition through regulations, tax breaks and other benefits designed specifically for them by the politicians they own and operate and paid for by working folks at the bottom.

Same goes for “private enterprise”: the wealthiest capitalists all rely upon federal subsidies that no ordinary business man can ever obtain.

The net result is a growing gap between those few with connections and wealth and those many without it. It is nothing new. One hundred fifty years ago, Marx identified it as class struggle

“With the global economy in a protracted crisis, and workers around the world burdened by joblessness, debt and stagnant incomes, Marx’s biting critique of capitalism — that the system is inherently unjust and self-destructive — cannot be so easily dismissed. Marx theorized that the capitalist system would inevitably impoverish the masses as the world’s wealth became concentrated in the hands of a greedy few, causing economic crises and heightened conflict between the rich and working classes. “Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole,” Marx wrote.

A growing dossier of evidence suggests that he may have been right. It is sadly all too easy to find statistics that show the rich are getting richer while the middle class and poor are not. A September study from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) in Washington noted that the median annual earnings of a full-time, male worker in the U.S. in 2011, at $48,202, were smaller than in 1973. Between 1983 and 2010, 74% of the gains in wealth in the U.S. went to the richest 5%, while the bottom 60% suffered a decline, the EPI calculated. No wonder some have given the 19th century German philosopher a second look.”

Read more: Karl Marx’s Revenge: Class Struggle Grows Around the World | TIME.com http://business.time.com/2013/03/25/marxs-revenge-how-class-struggle-is-shaping-the-world/#ixzz2nkXP6j1d

This problem has been made worse by the failure of the working classes to recognize their enemies and fight against them. Right now in the USA, there is no elected political party. But the only party that does stands for this is,The Statehood Green Party that is a Democratic Socialist Labor environmental, partyon the side of the workers. Reforming that situation ought to be the top political priority of our time, but you will NEVER hear Obama or Krugman or any other establishment politician or economist say as much.

Stracuzzi / Stassi

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3 billion in earmark

3 billion in earmark

 Now lawmakers are disguising earmarks us army corps engineer projects. they said that It’s needed in water and energy projects in Kentucky. Who gains from those projects. What does the taxpayer get out of that? and how does the government pay us back. Again are pennies go to corporate America. Then they banned us over for it! Republican leader of the Senate says cut spending. But Republican leader gets 3 billion dollars for his district.

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Other States on Monday will be opening up there Memorials and Parks

Other States on Monday will be opening up there Memorials and Parks. But not the District of Columbia, Because We Are not a state. The District of Columbia has a thriving tourism industry. This Affects the working-class residence Inn are surrounding areas, not to exclude the District of Columbia overall economy. I am a bit surprise Mayor Gray or our Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Has not said anything about this!

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A lesson in Socialism

A lesson in Socialism.

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A lesson in Socialism

Paste a Video URL https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=432600606819712

Very interesting and funny video. Give you my synopsis of the video. President Obama’s healthcare bill Gives You tax credits not cash. People can only use a tax credit, if they have to pay taxes. Most of the people That are mandated to get health care now, do not make enough to qualify for the tax credit hole. I know it’s just going to take money from their Families. I know this look at this realistically? We get tax credits to the working class, That they can not use. Then we give our penny’s to corporate America, That they can use! So socialism works in America! We are socialist country That supports corporate America! The working class pays the taxes. The top 15% of our country gets our pennies and pays in taxes not to littleton, A hole 19 to our 32% to 42%. Speaker of the House John Boehner, said today. Would work with the president and the Senate on raising the debt limit. If they can get some concessions from the Senate and the President. I wonder what does concessions are going to be? I bet there’s a cut and endowment like Social Security and child care programs for the working poor in this country. I’m sorry America is a country’s That always takes from the two most important people in our lives. Our children. That the people are going to bring us to where we’re going. Than the elderly the people That will Brought us to where we are!

Stracuzzi for Congress 2014
P.S. Also what President Obama’s talking about in the video is communism not socialism. You can really see how dumb the people are that made it.

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Silver Line Map

Silver Line Map

Let’s just look at Metro with the Silver Line. It runs parallel with the Silver and Orange line in the Blue line that was a waste of money! It repeats the same stops is the blue and orange line! There should have been a transfer at the orange line from the Silver Line. That way metro could have completed the Silver line on that side. The Silver Line train should have never been made to run along the Blue Line. The Blue line already went that way! That money could have been spend other ways to prolong it to run it into other neighborhoods or areas. More trains should have been added to take up the volume for the more passengers from the Silver Line in the route.
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Fair wage act

Fair wage act.

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Fair wage act

Did you know that I’m the one who started  the fair wage movement. 4 years ago when I started my campaign for congress 1 of my  issues  was a new employees Bill of Rights. At the  forums I attended  I spoke about the fair wages for American workers which Vincent  Orange our city council member at large  also attended. I spoke about the German economy and How a employee that works at McDonalds  there makes 8 to 10 euros per hour which converted is about 12  to 15 dollars an hour.  With five  nations of the 13 that are failing   the euro is still stronger than the dollar. I feel the German economy is driven based on the wages  that the country sets for their employees. That’s why my new employees Bill of  Rights, is so important!! I like to Thank Vincent  Orange and those members of the city council that made the bill pass. Which pushed it into the national limelight. 1998 was my first  attempt to run for Congress ,at that time Prescila, became  pregnant and all her financial burden fell on me. Holy Rosary Italian Church Washington DC. I speak Italian fluently .So I meet many Italians from the Italian Embassy there. One Sunday we were invited to a get together from one of our friends we met at church from the Italian embassy. I told her about my financial predicament Scentsy she got pregnant. She said in Europe the a women get 1 year maternity leave if she works or not. So I thought that women should be able to get maternity leave from there unemployment office. 2 years after I ran, Bill Clinton, signs an executive order  to the fact! That women could get  maternity leave  from the unemployment office. Signed on January 11 2000 Do you see how powerful Washington DC is! Just think  what good I could do for the nation if I got elected to Congress.

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Why is the US attacking Syria, without the UN’s confirmation of these chemical warfare attacks?

Let’s look at this realistically. Why is the US attacking Syria, without the UN’s confirmation of these chemical warfare attacks? Isn’t that up to the UN to attack! not us! We need to stop thinking about others and start thinking about American here in the USA! Why is the strikes 60 days? Why so long? I’ll tell you why! This is a the way for the United States government to boost it’s GPD. This way United States’s credit limit won’t drop and could move us back into AAA bond rating. By purchasing to re-stock our inventory that was used in the strikes against Syria, from our weapons manufacturers. Is this just another smoking mirror or not. I don’t know! Let’s talk about it? Stracuzzi for Congress 2014 on facebook

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Republican leaders 3 day annual retreat

Last week our  Republican  leaders of the Republican House of Representatives went to a well-guarded room of a popular golf resort  in Williamsburg, Virginia . For a 3 day annual  retreat. Republicans will work on the debt limit, and talk about raising the debt ceiling. But what was not talked about was who pay for it! The bill for this weekend’s retreat, was picked up by the Congressional Institute  a corporate funded entity. For that our elected officials will spend one evening socializing with lobbyists as part of the retreat. Meanwhile, that’s another back door in the campaign finance system. Must likely of the retreat it turns out, is being underwritten by lobbyists. Then the President’s Inaugural Committee set a goal of raising $50 million. Of that ExxonMobil donate $250,000. ExxonMobil must think they’ll be getting something for their $250,000. Like maybe a  meeting in the West Wing with our President, and a better shot at keeping their tax breaks when Washington gets around to tackling corporate tax reform in the coming year or two. So what does our vote stand for?

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